Hanoi Street Food Tour

Duration:in Days
Viet Nam is very well-known for its street food. The old quarter of Hanoi is not only one of biggest shopping districts but also is one of the best places for street food. 


In the 13th century, Hanoi had 36 streets established and each street had one special product for sale. Today there are more than 50 streets in the Old Quarter and most of them have mixed products for sale. 


There is no better way for you to spend your time to explore  streets, alleys and sidewalks in the old town of Hanoi than walking through them,soaking up the sights,sounds,smells...watching and tasting the particular dishes from the famous & specialized food families,local restaurants,vendors & food shops. 


After experiencing the street food, you can spend one hour to see the water puppet show or continue exploring the old quarter on a cyclo or spend one hour having a spa/massage.


Our high recommendation for the Street Food Tour are the following popular dishes:


-Noodle Soups (pho)

-Steamed rice pancake

-Sticky rice dishes



-Dumplings cakes

-Rolls &Wraps